Client Christopher Cooper Sector Drinks Expert|Presenter Discipline Illustration|Film Prop|Artwork|Apparel  Christopher’s quirky, witty and refreshing approach to wine and the broader spectrum of consumable liquids is causing a real stir in the drinks industry. As the UK’s most innovative and accomplished drinks expert with a burgeoning media career, his commentary and palate are highly respected and sought after across hospitality, the drinks industry and consumer channels. Ranking up a number of production credits across a variety of platforms, Christopher Cooper has developed a series of treatments alongside a sizzle tape for television production companies and publishers. As part of the showreel a series of props were commissioned including ‘Ace of Spades – Art!’. Taking the cue from Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Whaam!’, an appropriation of DC Comics’ 'All-American Men of War' issue, ‘Ace of Spades – Art!’ transforms Lichtenstein’s original masterpiece by replacing the American fighter plane firing at the enemy with the popping cork of Jay Z’s, Ace of Spades Champagne. The resulting updated artwork reinforces the production’s core message, that ‘wine is consumable art’. Post-production, the ‘Ace of Spades – Art!’ was reassigned as a one-off T-Shirt design for Christopher Cooper, a social retort to art critic Alastair Sooke’s description of Lichtenstein’s original painting as a ‘tongue-in-cheek male daydream of aggression, conquest and ejaculatory release’.



Ace of Spades- Art!




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