Client BBC Sector Broadcast|Future Media Discipline Graphic Design|Photography  BBC Online is a virtual division spanning all of the BBC. Each department is responsible for making their content AV silable via BBC Online; whether it be television & radio programmes, blogs, mobile sites, children's games and news; or connected Red Button and traditional Red Button services complimenting programming delivered by broadcast. BBC Future Media, previously BBC New Media, sits within the Strategy & Digital division and is responsible for all of the BBC’s digital media services. By bringing technology and design teams together to work in partnership with the BBC’s editorial teams, it creates products across the entire spectrum of the BBC offering for audiences who want to access and interact with BBC programming and services. As Head of Commercial Development for BBC Future Media, it is the responsibility to develop products with the BBC editorial teams, raise production finance and distribute successful franchises to other television stations globally such as HBO, ABC, Fox, etc. As part of the annual MIPTV global trade show in Cannes, the then HCD for BBC New Media commissioned the first ever print brochure of products to be marketed. The brochure consisted of both existing and proposed products for resale or co-investment. Working with existing content and developing new content identities based on editorial briefs, a brochure was designed and produced to market a carefully selected range of BBC projects. The brochure aided in securing significant production investment and raised revenue through a number of global sales of BBC developed new media products.
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