Client N/A Sector Food Discipline Illustration| Brand Identity|Packaging Design  ‘Chickens’ is proof that one should always archive all work, as one never knows when it might be needed. This piece was resurrected and repurposed as a packaging design for muse ‘Mrs White’; with a brief constructed around the concept that her friendly freebie free-range eggs for family and friends required a fresh brand identity and a felicitous packaging design. A rather tongue-in-cheek branding name was conceived to echo the overall amusement of each of the chickens' personalities, their escapades and their daily impact on ‘Mrs White’. Every visitor receives a beautiful box of eggs together with a round-up of the recent anecdotes of the ‘Clucking Belles'’ antics! The illustration was digitally deconstructed and reconstructed employing techniques and aesthetics associated with ‘old school’ ripping and layering practices utilised prior to the advent of design packages. This retro feel gives the brand authenticity and reflects the values, culture and aesthetics of the 'Mrs White' demographic.

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