Client Christopher Cooper Sector Drinks Expert|Presenter Discipline Brand Identity|Photography| Web Design|Sizzle Tape  Christopher’s quirky, witty and refreshing approach to wine and the broader spectrum of consumable liquids is causing a real stir in the drinks industry. As the UK’s most innovative and accomplished drinks expert with a burgeoning media career, his commentary and palate are highly respected and sought after across hospitality, the drinks industry and consumer channels. The brief was to create a strong visual identity depicting Christopher’s quirky character, innovative flair and unique approach to wine and drinks. The photography firmly positions Christopher as a London-based wine expert and is devoid of much of the cliché imagery normally associated with how wine buffs are marketed. The website introduces Christopher as an ‘alternative and accessible’, more ‘rock’n’roll’ wine expert, to engage a client’s target audience; whether it be for written content, events, TV, radio, podcasts or even defining a business' wine department. The photography for the website was shot concurrently with footage that has been edited into a sizzle tape, which is available to commissioners and editorial decision makers on request. Much of the photography has been used beyond the original web application, with additional photography and video snippets commissioned to bolster social media. The website has been responsible in securing many industry defining clients who have identified a synergetic brand match between their business and Christopher’s approach to the culture of wine and drinks. In total the website has been responsible to date for well over 50% of new client contracts.

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Christopher Cooper


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