Client Drinkonomics Sector Beverage Consultancy Discipline Brand Identity|Graphic Design| Print Production|Website (launching soon)  Providing businesses and private clients with fresh and revitalising wine & drinks consulting. Innovation, creativity and clarity is Drinkonomics' philosophy as it serves up refreshing guidance and commentary for hospitality, the drinks industry and media. The brief was to create a brand identity that appealed to all client sectors, avoiding any association with any specific drinks category or any obvious drinks iconography. The branding needed to be contemporary; reflecting a serious, focused and forward thinking service that would provide innovative solutions to the dynamic and vast diversity of the drinks industry. The name 'Drinkonomics' was conceived and the brand ident has been rolled out initially as a business card. White foil embossed on GF Smith Red Plike, the business card has a smooth camembert texture and futuristic font that conveys that this company is a professional, creative, cutting-edge consultancy whose savvy thinking can financially benefit businesses.



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