'The Last Invisible Dog' is a British drinks product currently in development; due to Covid-19 the product is now seeking investment to complete R&D and launch. Conceived as a socially responsible enterprise producing superior quality, craft, ethical drinks; the brand promotes environmental responsibility with the products being fully and infinitely recyclable. Sarah Bayliss was approached to conceive a brand that resonated the company's highly ethical, innovative and creative strengths. A character-led brand was developed to positively disrupt the market and address issues of responsibility. The brand echoes the fragility of existence, encouraging consumers to be thoughtful in their choices and actions. By choosing to support The LID, investors and in turn consumers are making a difference in supporting the survival of an endangered species, The Last Invisible Dog, whilst also ensuring that they are drinking consciously and doing their bit to support the preservation of The Last Invisible Dog’s habitat... our planet! If you would like to invest in The Last Invisible Dog and ensure it's survival, please send all queries to Client The Last Invisible Dog Sector Beverage Discipline Branding|Packaging Design| Graphic Design|Print Production The Last Invisible Dog

Dangerous Curves


The Last Invisible Dog




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